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The Brand Of C&C——Creative Home·Classic Interpretation


C&C is a fashionable furniture brand which is belong to Shenzhen Pushe Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. and pays attention to sense of design and craftsman spirit.
The original intention of creating this brand——We try to combine furniture, culture and aesthetics to make a special image with both fashion and connotation through fusing modern fashionable aesthetics and oriental traditional culture. We use the modern furniture which contains traditional culture to make our homes far away from steel and the coldness of modern materials and to convey C&C’s fashionable healthy life style with our hearts.

“To born in the oriental pen and ink, to concentrate worldwide aesthetics, production by craftsman heart, to appreciate from the ordinary alley.”

C&C follows the management idea of people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, healthy and environmental protection, sustainable development. In the process of growth,accumulation and sediment,we pursue the perfect combination of art and fashion,nature and environmental protection,simplicity and comfort from beginning to end. And we try to make the high-quality fashionable home which contains nature, humanity and design.

We promote the spirit of innovation, fashion and technology, insist craftsman production, enrich design innovation, continually change and enhance consumer’s life quality. The concentration and pursuit of perfection have immerged into the hearts of C&C’s craftsmen. We explain the high-quality life aesthetics through superb home art works. We build the creative, classic and poetic home for people. We make the owner of furniture always feel the interest of comfortable life in the condition of elegance and naturalness.

With the Italian blood, C&C pays attention to both artistry and practicability and is rooted in fashionable gene and emphasizes the connotation of taste and comfort. So C&C is in favor of high taste people who go after fashionable and exalted life.

We are not just make the furniture, but the spiritual sustenance which is more suitable to modern people’s life style.

The Design Of C&C——No Follow Of Fashion·But The Creation Of Fashion


Furniture design is not only provide a useful thing, but also a life style stands for era, culture, nationality and life quality.
“No follow of fashion, but the creation of fashion”The varying design is the first driving force of C&C’s development.

To retrospect the aesthetic interest of modern life, to continually inject the rich connotation of oriental culture, in the same time of emphasizing the lasting appeal of oriental culture, C&C also adds western modern design concept and modern fashionable elements. Every product is the great crystal of creation and technology because it’s eclectic and extends individuality. The best details show our original pursuit to home art.

C&C always maintain well-meaning understanding to life and people.With the love to life, we insist our relentless pursuit to exquisite life and transmit the beauty of goodwill through furniture design.

Strong artistic aesthetics and cultural deposits, design concept which is full of humanistic spirit, the grace and temperament which are highlight the home of background. The C&C furniture with Italian modern style represents the love of modern fashionable people to life and their understanding and pursuit to perfection. This pursuit is embodied not only in furniture style, but also in details of design. Finally to assume the soothing beauty.

“A piece of classic furniture which won’t be washed out because of trends, a piece of furniture which can bear the weight of emotion and spirit.” ——The design pursuit of C&C.

Therefore, C&C’s furniture design always concise,beautiful, natural and smart.

The Quality Of C&C——Showing Originality·Keeping Improvement


“Detail shows responsibility ! ” ——The craftsmen of C&C finish every piece of furniture with pure hearts and treat every product with the attitude and enthusiasm of engraving artwork.

C&C always practice the humanistic idea of inheriting originality, keeping improvement and pursuing perfection. We believe that the creation of beautiful things is the maximum courtesy to world.We pass on the nice and happy life style to more and more people by ourselves and also fully show the strength and charm of made in China in every product. To carefully deduce the charismatic and natural texture of precious walnut,the safe and smooth technical quality,the exquisite splicing of different materials.

After many years’ exercise and accumulation, C&C strictly observe the policy of quality first, innovation driven,technology upgrades and beautiful environment to harmoniously use traditional craft,science and technology; to manage system with professional and efficient quality; to control methods with scientific and religious quality; to strictly monitor every product with normative and practical quality inspection standard. The strict grasp and ultimate pursuit to details cast C&C furniture’s good quality, unity of form and spirit. Every thing demonstrates our vivid individuality with the combination of modern, simple, fashionable, functional and practical.

We are focus on quality exercise and value return. With the combination of entry lux quality and public consumption, C&C constantly research and create the best home.

The Service Of C&C——Healthy And Green·Worldwide Service


With the theme of health, green, individuality and multielement, C&C provides home life and spiritual enjoyment which are from nature and full of connotation for consumers.

Users first,quality first, excellent service, timely solution!

Technology research and development are our backup force; craft quality is our guarantee. And we develop with the best service.

The average time of C&C’s central team members to work on home territory is more than 20 years. So we have well professional qualities and skills. From products research and design to manufacture, pre-sales and after sale, we always enthusiastic, circumspect, honest and timely and provide value-added products and service for global customers and merchants.

To polish perfection with time, to restore expectation with quality, to fulfill commitment with service!

Customization Of Future —To Show Personality, Simplicity And Luxury.
【C&C】彰显个性 · 专属定制


Meticulous and exquisite lines, vivid reiki of materials’ match, delicate design and ultimate craft are totally natural. C&C brings the home of luxury, elegance and comfort to global people who pursue high-quality life.

When art tightly combine with function, C&C’s furniture brings us not only the visual sense of impactive beauty, but also the long preservation of experience and time. We turn art into life and compose fashion and nobleness in simpleness.

C&C—The integrator, animateur and foregoer of high-quality modern leisure and post-modern home resources of living and dining room. The superior facilitator of overall home matching options.


> To provide integral home matching options and all proposals’ practical service to medium and high enterprises of soft brands.

> To provide ecological and integral home matching options and all proposals’ practical service to medium and high enterprises of soft decoration brands.

> To provide characteristic home matching options and all proposals’ practical service to special you.

Creative Classic

Every piece of furniture gives inspiration.